Whether you try our signature cocktail or standard one(s), our all-natural additives blossom the flavor and character of the drink. Plan is to not get drunk, but less classy and more fun!

Pick one or ask us to surprise you with one…

cocktail menu

Mr. Jon

Just like a Bond movie which has drama, emotions and action climax. This gin cocktail blend with inhouse oolong honey mix, blue pea tea and tonic fizz will walk the talk.

Gin/Yuzu/Oolong Honey/Blue Pea Tea/Tonic Water

Good Hope

Get the feel of the Caribbean and watch the sun go down over Gurugram skyline. This refreshing white rum-based cocktail mixed with OJ, lychee puree and aromatized bitter will relax your nerves to the end.

White Rum/Lychee Puree/Fresh Orange Juice/Bitters

Ginger me

This rye whiskey mixed with fresh ginger extract, ginger-ale, aromatic bitter, sprinkled with saffron makes it an all-season all-weather recliner drink of your choice.

Chivas 12yr/Saffron/Fresh Ginger Juice/Ginger ale/Bitter

Walk To Remember

Just like taking a walk in the park during the cherry blossoms. This gin-based cocktail will enhance your senses, giving you an aromatic experience.

Gin/Sakura Elderflower/Beetroot Juice/Acqua di rose