Indiranagar ka Gunda or not, head to Big Pitcher, Indiranagar for the big hits

Indiranagar ka gunda might have calmed down but the 14th edition of IPL that kickstarted on the 9th of April is seeing the temperature soar with excitement. Purists might argue that any game of cricket is best experienced in a stadium but now is not the time to be on the galleries in a stadium. If, however, you are a cricket fanatic the other option is to catch the action on a big screen live streaming while you cheer your favourite players and teams.

Bangalore is a cricket loving city with its own team and fans. A cosmopolitan melting pot the city sees people from all over India and abroad making it their home. The salubrious weather makes it a sports lover’s city and cricket unites people here along with beer and good food. One particular neighbourhood, Indiranagar, is known for its own cricketing star who is famous over the world. Known to be Mr. Cool he surely has ruffled feathers of many star bowlers with some big hits. This cricket loving locality is now seeing action at Big, Pitcher Indiranagar. An exclusive craft beer and food destination, this microbrewery is now on every cricket lovers charts.

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With 8 teams battling it out for the next few weeks for the coveted trophy the cricket lovers now have all reasons to watch their favourite IPL on a big screen in their favourite watering hole in the neighbourhood. With a giant screen beaming the live IPL matches and the helpful staff to cater to your beverage and food needs, all you have to do is take a table with your buddies, order your favourite craft beer or special cocktails paired with some delectable food from our multi cuisine menu in a great ambience. As a tribute to IPL customers get to enjoy our freshly crafted beer and the Witbier collection. All this in a clean, sanitised and hygienic environment. Ready to roar for your team? If you are around Indiranagar you know where to go.