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Conti Club, Tandoor Factory, Chow Panda, Masala Darbar And Mallu In Me . All Delivery Kitchens , 25% Discount

Delivery Kitchen


Conti Club

Fresh and delicious, Conti Club offers one of the best Continental foods in the city. For the people who love Continental delicacies, try anything from Conti Club Menu that includes a wide range of salads, pastas, pizzas, rolls and so much. Running the gamut of flavours from the European continent, these dishes will absolutely charm you with its freshness, fragrance and taste.

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Tandoor Factory

Taste some of the best mouthwatering tandoori delicacies in Tandoor Factory. Corn, paneer, chicken, mutton, prawns, fish etc. cooked in slow (wood) flame on a desi hot tandoor has not just a distinct beautiful smell but, taste and smoky flavour to die for. Prepared by chefs who’ve mastered the art of tandoori cooking; just taste once and we bet you will ask for more and more!

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Chow Panda

No matter how much you hate China because of the current Covid19 situation, you cannot hate Indian-Chinese food. With dishes like Kung Pao Paneer, Babycorn chilly, Egg Hakka Noodles, Thaichi Chicken, Jade Fish, Schezwan Prawn, Thai Veg Curry with Steam Rice and so much more this place is surely not worth missing! We’ve got the right mix of sauces and spices .

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Masala Darbar

Why even hold yourself when you can taste the best Indian desi masaledar food just at the comfort of your home? Masala Darbar is dedicated to all those food lovers whose heart beat for everything Indian. From Bhindi Amchoorwali, Saag Wala Paneer to Dal Amritsari, Ghee Rice to Hyderabadi Biryani and Prawns Pulao.

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Mallu in Me

The name speaks for itself! Mallu In Me is a Kerala cuisine serving authentic Malayali food. From snackalicious appetizers like Chakka Peera, Erachi Pathiri, Mutton Ularthiyathu to main courses like Alleppey Fish Curry, Erissery, Njandu Curry, find your traditional favorites that make a delicious meal for any given the time of day!

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Our Top Most Priority!

who safety

We ensure, temperature checks are done for every delivery executive & for kitchen staffs every hour

who protocol

We’re structly following the best practices recommended by World Health Organization

mask gloves

Our staffs are wearing masks & gloves all the time to maintain contact-less food preparation & these are being recycled everyday


Our kitchen undergoes sanitization twice daily. Once before the start of operations & one after the end of operations